30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
If you are not completely satisfied with your web hosting account,
Hostfor2bucks.com will refund all charges (LESS the NORMAL domain
name registration charges) if cancellation is requested within 30 days of
the date of signup.
Refund for 1yr term = $14.00
$10.00 normal Domain charge
Refund for 2yr term = $38.00
Domain name charges
cannot be refunded.
Your domain name is
yours to keep for 1 year.
You will be able to host
your domain at a different
provider without the need
to transfer it for 1 year.
Your annual hosting fee is
refundable upon
cancellation within 30
days of signup less the
normal Domain Charge.

Cancellation within 30 days activates the
normal Domain charge of $10.00.
To cancel your account,
login to the members
area and send us a