What can I use this service for?
Whether you are a small business, a group of individuals, a family, a hobbiest wanting to
establish a presence on the Web, or you just need Email accounts with more space than free
email services provide; hostfor2bucks.com delivers an outstanding service for an unbelievable
How many plans do you offer?
Hostfor2bucks.com offers 1 hosting plan that includes your domain registration or transfer.
Our plan includes 50MB of space and 1000MB of monthly data transfer.
What else is included?
FrontPage, CGI and PHP are included free. You’ll receive 10 Email accounts, enough for a
small business or your family/group.
10 Email Accounts
Spam Filter
FrontPage Ext.
Email Frwd
MySQL Database
Control Panel
Daily Statistics
FTP Access
Click here for more details.
How much does it cost?
Only $2 per month (billed annually) for hosting services. Your domain registeration or
transfer is included, bringing your total cost to only $24.00 due every year.
You could pay that amount as a domain registration fee alone elsewhere.
What about FREE hosting companies?
Many companies offer FREE hosting but charge up to $35 to register your domain (many
require a setup fee of up to $49). Others will register your domain name for as low as $25
with FREE hosting but services such as FP, CGI, PHP, PERL, and MySQL are considered options
costing up to $10/month. We are not a FREE service, yet our cost is less than the so called
FREE providers. Click here to compare to free providers.
What if I already have a domain name?
You have 2 choices: either transfer your domain for FREE and recieve a 1 year extention
from the date that your domain will expire, or don’t transfer and only purchase hosting (you will have to renew your domain with your current registrar), choose the "I WILL USE MY EXISTING DOMAIN" option during signup.
Is there a setup fee?
There is no setup fee.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes, cancel your account within 30 days for a refund less the normal domain registration fee
of $10.00. Hostfor2bucks.com will refund you a total of $14.00
What happens to my domain name if I cancel?
You will still own your domain name and could manage its settings. You will be able to
host a site with a different provider without having to transfer it for 1 year.
How do I get billed?
At signup, you will be charged for your first year of service, setup fees, and your domain
registration or transfer. On your annual renewal date we will send you an electronic
invoice which can be paid online (just login to the members section to view DUE
PAYMENTS for your account and use your credit card to renew your domain name and/or
your hosting service for an additional year.
Do you offer support?
Once a member, you will have access to technical FAQs to help resolve most problems
and assist you in finding answers to your questions. Also, you will have the ability to
receive help from our support department via a Helpdesk ticketing system integrated into
the members section.
What kind of control will I have over my site?
We provide you with an easy to use interface for managing your site (create Email accounts,
setup access rights, configure FrontPage and much more). You’ll have full control over your
domain name (change DNS entries, contact info, etc.).
Will my site be backed up?
Yes, your site will be backed up daily in case of an unlikely emergency. We will attempt to
restore corrupted files/databases upon request. Files/data deleted by yourself cannot be
Will my Email be backed up as well?
Yes, to recover from data errors and corruptions caused by the system. Email messages
deleted by yourself cannot be restored from our backups.
How do I connect to my Email?
You may use any POP3 or IMAP client such Outlook Express. You could also connect to
your Email via a Web Interface.
What if I need more storage or monthly transfer?
Pay only a one time fee of $15.00 to add 50MB of space. If you require additional transfer
allowance, pay a one time fee of $25.00 for an extra 1000MB (never pay other charges
Will you post banner ads on my site?
Never. We will never post advertisement in any form on your site or your emails.